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Relay for Life

THUMBS UP: The Brown County Relay for Life was held last night at the Brown County Fairgrounds. It is always a special celebration, featuring fun and good times, always with a serious purpose.

This is the 21st year of the Brown County Relay for Life, and since its beginning it has raised nearly $2.3 million for the American Cancer Society. Since 2003 it has raised over $100,000 a year in all but two years, and in those years the total was over $95,000.

Congratulations to all the volunteers and teams who put so much effort to create the success of the Relay for Life.

What a Blast

THUMBS UP: The 2019 Bavarian Blast came and went last weekend, and as usual the one thing organizers can’t control — the weather — played a big part. A hot and humid Friday was followed by two beautiful evenings that brought in the crowds.

The preparation and planning for the Bavarian Blast has always been the key to its success, along with the army of volunteers who work hard to make it all happen. Congratulations to all who make this happen year after year.

No razzle dazzle?

THUMBS DOWN: The special counsel who conducted a two-year investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections testified for five hours on Wednesday before two congressional panels. Robert Mueller reaffirmed that the interference was serious, and is ongoing. He repeated that his report was not an exoneration of President Donald Trump.

After all that, what are the pundits worried about? Mueller wasn’t very exciting. He gave one-word answers. He didn’t rev up the populace who are not likely to read his 400-page report.

Is that what we have come to? That we need to have razzle-dazzle in our congressional hearings? To borrow a word from a master of earning big ratings, “Sad!”


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