Too much bad rhetoric all the way around on race

President Trump needs to do better. His recent call for four Democrats in the U.S. House to “go back” to where they came from does not even make sense. Three come from the United States. The fourth is a naturalized citizen, who happens to represent Minnesota in Congress. Trump is trying to turn the rhetoric of “the squad” against them and make it a fight about America. Namely, love it or leave it. It is possible to love your country but criticize its policies, Mr. President.

That said, these four representatives need to do better too. The things they say do not make sense either. Their hyperpartisan stances express very odd views about the direction they would like to take the country. They put forth a lot of emotion when what the country needs is thoughtful consideration of the consequences of policy.

Trump also has been criticized for his rhetoric for its “racial” aspect, because the four representatives involved are women of color. He stepped on this land mine himself and must face the repercussions, whether that is more scrutiny of his attitude about race or fewer votes in 2020.

But the scrutiny should not stop there. Race plays far too active a role in politics as a whole. The Democratic Party is obsessed with and relies on dividing people along racial lines. Along gender lines too. And in any other way it can utilize identity politics. It seems to have utterly forgotten that the essential ingredient for a people to live in peace and prosperity is individual liberty. Your “group” means nothing. It is not going to get you a job, pay your mortgage or help raise your children. To have the best chance to do those things well, people need free markets, and the freedom to make any and all other choices that benefit their lives.