Diocesan settlement

The settlement agreement announced Wednesday between the Catholic Diocese of New Ulm and the survivors and victims of clerical sexual abuse in the diocese may help bring some closure and healing to those who were abused. We hope and pray that it does.

But even as the the diocese and other dioceses around the state and nation come to terms with their failures in the past to protect their flocks from abusive clerics, the Church itself is still trying to deal with more and more revelations of years of wrongdoing and coverups on an institutional level. Some bishops, archbishops and cardinals are being revealed as being abusers. The questions of who knew about it and covered it up are reaching higher into the Vatican.

We are glad that the Diocese of New Ulm is taking responsibility for its past. It is time the Church hierarchy to do the same. The transparency and commitment to change and make reparations must come from the top.