Thumbs Up/Down

Graduation time

THUMBS UP: The graduation season is upon us. Martin Luther College is sending its seniors off into the world today. Sleepy Eye and Springfield High Schools held their graduations on Friday. Between now and June 2, all of our area high schools will have completed the celebration of 12 years of achievements, accomplishments, laughs, jokes, tears and lessons learned.

We congratulate all of our area graduates. You made it through and the best is ahead of you. We don’t want to dampen the celebration, but the older generations are counting on you to take up where we left off, accomplish what we couldn’t and fix what we broke.

Live well, graduates, be happy and best of luck in the future.

All talk, no action

THUMBS DOWN: The 2019 Minnesota legislative session ends on Monday. Legislative leaders and Gov. Tim Walz are cutting it real close if they want to finalize the state budget on time. A deal needs to be struck today, if legislators are to have time to write up the budget, give it a cursory perusal and vote on what they think it says.

Last Monday was the last time either side volunteered comments on what kind of progress was being made. At least they are talking to each other and not the media. But time is running out.

Drug cost bill

THUMBS UP: The Legislature did, by an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, approve a bill that aims to lower drug costs by making sure pharmacy benefit managers are properly doing their job of lowering the costs to the customers.

People who are sick shouldn’t be impoverished by the cost of their medications. Anything the state and federal government can do to lower costs is welcomed.