Tragedy in Sri Lanka

Deadly terrorist attacks in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Sunday are terrible enough on the facts alone — 200 people killed and hundreds more wounded in nine bombings that rocked churches, luxury hotels and other sites where people were gathered. The fact that it happened on Easter Sunday, the most solemn religious feast in Christianity, a celebration of resurrection and new life, makes it that much more reprehensible.

Sri Lankan officials believe it is the work of religious extremists, though no groups have claimed responsibility. Sri Lanka’s dominant religioun is Buddhism, and there are Hindu and Muslim as well as Christian populations.

Sri Lanka suffered through a bloody, 26-year civil war that ended nine years ago when government forces defeated the rebel Tamil Tigers. Whether a resurgent Tamil faction is responsible for the attacks on Sunday remains to be seen.

Whoever is responsible, this vicious attack on innocent people gathering to worship points once again to the evils of terrorism. Those who mount this kind of attack must be rooted out and eliminated.