‘Radical’ stands on immigration

Two major American political figures recently had some pretty “controversial” things to say about immigration into the United States.

The first one said it only makes sense that the people entering a country — any country — work to assimilate themselves into the culture and learn to speak that nation’s language.

The second one said that a nation with generous social service benefits cannot afford a policy of open borders, given the many people living in poverty around the world who would be only to happy to come take advantage of those policies.

Who are these two radical right-wing nut jobs? They must be racist, right? They must be aligned with that bloviating scoundrel Donald Trump.


They are former President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, a socialist senator from Vermont.

All we can say — and we cannot believe we are really saying it — is thank goodness for these two guys, who chose to speak up in the current political environment. It is beyond time for sensible Democrats to point out the ridiculous proposals and goals of the left-wing nuts, more of whom seem to be running for president every day.


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