Thwart leakers with Mueller report release

We believe the Mueller Report on Russian interference in our 2016 election should be made public; at least, as much as can be responsibly released without affecting national security or interfering with other investigations. We’ve said before it is our right to know what’s in the report, and besides, we the taxpayers paid for it.

Another reason came out last week. According to unnamed sources within the Mueller investigation team, the four-page summary issued by Attorney General William Barr doesn’t give an accurate summary of the informaton contained in the report, especially about the information concerning possible obstruction of justice by the White House. The 300-page report, says the source, contains much more damaging information about the president than Barr let on in his summation. President Donald Trump is using this summation to proclaim his total exoneration.

The only way to judge whether Barr or the leaker is telling the truth is to release the report. Let the truth come out.