Public should see Mueller report

Robert Mueller turned in his report on his investigation into whether Donald Trump’s campaign cooperated the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 election. A four-page summary released to Congress over the weekend aid Mueller found nothing to prove the campaign was involved. On the question of presidential obstruction of justice, Mueller presented evidence for and against the charge, but neither indicted, nor exonerated the president.

The question now is whether Congress will continue to look into the obstruction issue. It would need access to the Mueller report.

The public should also have access to the full report, or as much as can be released without messing up continuing investigations or other security issues. President Trump is calling the report a total vindication and is calling the actions of those who called for the investigation “treasonous.” Opponents who have access to the report will claim it lays out clear evidence of obstruction of justice, and keep clamoring for Trump’s impeachment.

The only sure way to see what the report says is to release it, or as much as possible, to the public and let people form their own opinions.

Besides, the taxpayer paid for this investigation. We may as well see what we got for our money.


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