Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

Stewart Geekie, 49, 208 Ochre St., Comfrey, was charged with gross misdemeanor domestic assault-subsequent violation Wednesday. According to court documents, Comfrey Police were on patrol at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday when a vehicle following the squad car repeatedly flashed its headlights. Police pulled over, approached the driver and learned she needed help because Geekie allegedly just assaulted her. The woman told police Geekie was drinking and became very abusive, hit her on the head, locked her out of her residence and threw her work clothes outside in the rain and mud. The woman said Geekie kept coming after her holding his fist up like he was going to strike her again. Police went to the woman’s residence and arrested Geekie for domestic assault. A review of his criminal history showed he was convicted of stalking-intent to injure on Jan. 4, 2011 in Brown County Court, which is a qualified domestic violence-related offense.


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