Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

Zachary A. Rademaker, 22, 225 N. Garden, New Ulm, was charged Friday with Gross Misdemeanor Damage to Property and Misdemeanor Discharge of Firearms and Explosives. According to court documents, on July 28, 2016 New Ulm Police met with Wade Cordes, the property owner of 225 N. Garden who said damage was done to his property.

Cordes said garage door windows were shot out by a BB gun and there were BBs at the base of the door. Damage was estimated at $800. Cordes said Rademaker was not on the lease but was living at the residence.

Rademaker denied knowing who did the damage and was upset Cordes entered the residence. Cordes said the eviction process would begin the next day. Police talked to a neighbor who said at about 5 a.m., July 27, 2016, he saw Rademaker in the back yard with a BB gun and heard something hitting the garage. The neighbor said he saw Rademaker pumping the BB gun and shooting it at the ground, then swing a baseball bat in the back yard, heard noises and saw that garage lights were damaged.

Jeffrey M. Hartness, 37, 1111 S. Washington, New Ulm, was charged Thursday with Misdemeanor Domestic Assault. According to court documents, New Ulm Police met with a person at the Brown County Law Enforcement Center on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016 who said she was at the Kegel Klub when Hartness arrived and got into an argument with her, sent text messages accusing the person of cheating on him and calling her a name.

The person went home and saw some of her clothes in Hartness’ pickup truck. Hartness then threw a gas can, hitting her in the forehead, then doused the clothes with gas and threatened to light them on fire.

Police saw redness in the middle of the person’s forehead. Police found Hartness at the Colonial Inn. He said anger got the best of him and admitting to throwing a gas can.

Robert C. Henry, 33, 29272 U.S. Highway 14, was charged Friday with Gross Misdemeanor No Insurance, Misdemeanor Driving After Revocation, Misdemeanor Failure to Transfer Title and Petty Misdemeanor Illegal Window Tint. The citation was issued on Aug. 11, 2016.

Jennifer Benedict, 28, no address, was charged Friday with Gross Misdemeanor Traffic Collision-Driver Fail to Stop-Injury and Misdemeanor Careless Driving.

According to court documents, Springfield Police on duty were notified on Aug. 30, 2016 of a hit and run involving a pedestrian. Police responded to the crash scene and saw the vehicle at the stop sign on Hoyt Ave. and Central St. Police stopped the vehicle and had an ambulance dispatched for a victim with possible injuries.

Benedict said she thought the victim was okay because she kept walking, so she drove away. Police met with the victim after she was treated for a minor toe injury that happened when her upper knee hit the vehicle. The victim said she was walking with a three-year-old girl who was not hit and continued to walk to get out of the traffic lane and wait for the vehicle to pull over, but the driver just looked at her and kept going.


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