Two Regions Stars for Sleepy Eye FFA

Eleven FFA members from Sleepy Eye were interviewed for their State FFA Degrees on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Pictured left to right – Isaac Lendt (Star Farmer), Ellen Windschitl, Nathan Rathman, Kyle Capacia, Marcus Martinez, Courtney Brey, Leo Fernandez, Kadence Lund, Winsten Nienhaus, Emma Fischer (Star in Ag. Production Placement, Katelyn Tauer.

The Region VI FFA interviews were held on Tuesday, Feb. 13 for State Degrees, Region Star Awards, Proficiencies, and Region Office.

This year, eleven Sleepy Eye FFA members applied for State FFA Degrees. The State FFA Degree is the second highest degree attainable in FFA, behind the American FFA Degree. 

In order to receive a State FFA Degree, the following qualifications must be met. Having a Chapter FFA Degree, being an active FFA member, completing at least 2 years of agricultural classroom instruction, having earned and invested at least $2,000 or worked 300 hours through an SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience), as well as completing at least 25 hours of community service.

The members who applied for the State FFA Degree included: Courtney Brey, Kadence Lund, Kyle Capacia, Emma Fischer, Isaac Lendt, Winsten Nienhaus, Leo Fernandez, Katelyn Tauer, Nathan Rathman, Ellen Windschitl, and Marcus Martinez.

Isaac Lendt was named Region VI Star Farmer – Isaac’s SAE project is raising over 400 hogs for four years.

Nine Sleepy Eye FFA Members competed in the Region VI FFA Proficiency Interviews on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Pictured left to right – Travis Mages, Isaac Lendt (Region Winner), Davin Suess, Logan Ludewig (Region Winner), Alex Confer (Region Winner), Taylor Berkner (Region Winner), Jasmine Petermann (Region Winner), Emma Fischer (Region Winner), and Rachel Portner.

Emma Fischer was named the Region VI Star in Ag. Production Placement – Emma’s SAE is in Dairy Production Placement as she has worked at three different farms in the Sleepy Eye area for the past four years.

Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through supervised agricultural experiences, have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers.

Nationally, students can compete for awards in nearly 50 areas ranging from agricultural communications to wildlife management. Proficiency awards are also recognized at local and state levels and provide recognition to members that are exploring and becoming established in agricultural career pathways.


Nine Sleepy Eye members completed Proficiency Applications. The Region VI results were: 

Logan Ludewig – 1st place in Ag. Mechanics Repair & Maintenance

Isaac Lendt – 1st place in Swine Production Entrepreneurship

Taylor Berkner – 1st in Vegetable Production Entrepreneurship

Alex Confer – 1st Place in Agriscience Research

Emma Fischer – 1st place in Dairy Production Placement

Rachel Portner – 2nd place in Dairy Production Placement

Jasmine Petermann –  1st place in Diversified Ag. Production Placement

Travis Mages – 2nd place in Diversified Ag. Production Placement

Davin Suess – 3rd place in Diversified Ag. Production Placement


The Proficiency Applications will now go to the state level and the State Proficiency Judging will take place in March.

Region VI Officer Interviews were also held. Becoming a Region Officer helps FFA members be more active in FFA beyond the chapter level. Serving on an elite team of FFA Members simulates working with others in a professional work environment.

Chloe Howe and Noemi Rodriguez served as the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter voting delegates for the Region Officer Interviews. They voted on the 2024-25 Region VI Officer Slate and Lucia Martinez was selected as the Secretary. 

FFA helps teach specialized skills in hundreds of agriculture career areas. Opportunities such as this can add up to big life achievements!

The FFA members will receive their State FFA Degrees at the State FFA Convention in April at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.



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