Park and Rec approves veterans square additions

Plan features US and POW flags, up-lighting

Where two grass patches sit on each side of the Veterans Square’s Vietnam memorial panels will soon be an American and POW flagpole. Each pole will be sit on a donor paver stone.

NEW ULM — After discussions and revisions, a concept plan for the German Park Veterans Square was approved unanimously by the Park and Rec board at its meeting Monday.

The matter was originally discussed in March and received mixed opinions. Dr. Ann Vogel and Maggie Schwab were concerned about the square’s placement in German Park and felt it could be better placed elsewhere.

There are no plans to move the square, but Park and Rec Director Joey Schugel said several variables did factor into the plan they chose.

“It’s a very prominent community park,” he said. “Great location to bring a high number of people for many different uses. With this area, you’re tied to all the different uses in the same spot and it’s not a blank space. There’s only so much room to do something great like we want this veterans memorial to be and is today.”

The revised concept plan will see two flag posts, one for the American flag and the other for a POW flag, added at the far end next to the Vietnam Memorial panels. The grass sections currently there will be replaced with donor paver stones, which the flag posts will be installed into.

What’s currently at German Park’s Veterans Square and what will be added was shown to attendees and the Park and Rec board at their meeting Monday.

Up-lighting will also be installed in front of and behind the memorial panels. Currently, a memorial bench is installed on the square’s right sidewalk but not the left. A new memorial bench parallel to the current one will be installed on the left side to make it even.

Schugel said there was donated money left over from the original memorial’s construction to help with these additions. Many discussions were had to come up with this final design.

“We had considerable communication with our Veterans Committee as we went through this process,” he said. “We talked about how we could recognize future veterans. Coming up with areas in that tan area for paver stones to recognize future members which won’t take up as much of the green space down there. It’s still a nice way to recognize members if they wish to be.”

Veteran Roy Janni said they looked at several different design and monument options. One change he would like to see in the future is the addition of a third flag pole for the state flag. He suggested it could be in the middle of the Veterans Square, to make a triangle with the two other flag posts.

Board member Jeff Gulden made the motion to approve the new concept plan for Veterans Square, with board member Amy Johnson seconding.

This mockup shows what the two new flags will look like at German Park’s Veterans Square.


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