Brown Co. hiring DNR-certified mussel consultant

Photo courtesy of Brown County Assistant Highway Engineer Andrew Lang As evidenced by this drone photo, the Minnesota River bank has eroded to within a few feet of CSAH 10, about two miles west of TH 4. A bank erosion project is scheduled for 2025 construction.

NEW ULM — Brown County commissioners unanimously approved selection of a certified mussel consultant Tuesday, required for a DNR permit for a Minnesota River stream bank stabilization project planned for 2025.

Action came on a motion by Commissioner Brian Braun, seconded by Dave Borchert for a DNR-certified mussel consultant to do a level 1 survey estimated to cost $6,000. If needed according to the level 1 survey, a level 2 survey is estimated at cost $4,000.

The DNR determined a mussel survey is required for the Minnesota River stream bank stabilization project along CSAH 10 in order to receive a DNR permit.

“The Minnesota River is known to have endangered mussels. They (a consultant) found a lot of mussels in the Hale (CR 8) bridge project. Only two mussels were endangered and moved,” said Brown County Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens.

He said DNR mussel consultants are mostly from out of state and difficult to schedule in a short time frame.

The stream bank has eroded to within a few feet of the edge of the CSAH 10 gravel road, about two miles west of TH 4.

Brown County has been approved for federal funds to pay for 80% of the estimated cost of the stream bank stabilization project. The highway department has been processing environmental documents and permitted needed for federal funds.


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