Calm before the storm

NU citizens enjoy pleasant days outside before Tuesday rainstorms

Levi, Matthias, Sharon, and Bill Miller (L-R) enjoy a day out by the river, looking to catch a fish. People out and about got to enjoy sunny days Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before rain starts Tuesday.

NEW ULM — New Ulm, and Southern Minnesota as a whole, got its first taste of summer Saturday.

National Weather Service data from the New Ulm Municipal Airport shows New Ulm got as hot as 86 degrees. NWS Meteorologist Eric Ahasic said it got even hotter in other parts of the state.

“We had a 90 in Granite Falls, 88 in Redwood Falls, 90 in Canby, and 88 in Mankato,” he said. “A lot of upper 80s across Central and Western Minnesota, and it was cooler in the cities. A lot of low 70s across the southern part of the state on Sunday.”

Ahasic said Saturday was the culmination of a perfect storm to generate high temperatures. A heat dome, in which warm temperatures exist between 5,000 to 10,000 feet above the ground, passed through the region. He said dry and sunny conditions, along with southern winds, were the other compounding ingredients.

“We maximized all the conditions for getting warm,” Ahasic said. “When you have those dry, sunny, windy conditions, you can get those sneaky warm days.”

Claire and Caitlin Hoffmann (L-R) got some tennis practice in thanks to the gorgeous weather Sunday. The low 70s weather gave both kids and adults plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.

Ahasic said it’s tough to forecast extreme temperatures like those experienced Saturday, but that after this week there will be good chances for above average temps.

“We could always have a one-off really warm day sometime in between,” he said.

But after the low 70s and high 60s of Sunday and Monday, Ahasic said the clear skies are going to turn dark as rain and thunderstorms come Tuesday.

“A widespread soaking rain is coming through tomorrow morning and will continue through into the evening,” he said. “It will be shattered showers and thunderstorms so there will be breaks. We will get some scattered showers Wednesday morning. Good chances for 1-2 inches, with isolated amounts of a little over two inches.”

Ahasic said this storm is coming from a classic springtime low-pressure system, where the equator and southern US are heating up but the north is still cold. In addition to the rain and thunderstorms, he said there are also wind gusts of 40-50 mph expected with a potential for even faster winds.

To ensure everything is accounted for and safe, Ahasic said people should take standard precautions for high wind conditions.

“Check your trash cans and dead tree branches,” he said. “Be careful traveling especially if you are going north or south because the wind will be blowing across your side. Tall trucks and semis should be careful for blowovers.”

Ahasic said there isn’t any flooding potential due to how dry it has been. In the days after the storm, he said there will be freeze potential due to the lower-than-average forecasted temperatures. Those who planted gardens or have plants outside should look to protect or bring them in.


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