Caucus draws 10 to Sleepy Eye DFL, GOP caucuses

Brown County DFL Chairwoman Lori Sellner talks at the Sleepy Eye caucus Wednesday.

SLEEPY EYE – The cold, windy weather may have played a part in a light caucus turnout of 10 Republicans and Democrats at Sleepy Eye Public School Wednesday.

Approved Republican resolutions included passing the “Never Again” bill, keeping the current state flag and seal and closing the international borders.

The Never Again bill would transfer the power to extend a peacetime emergency to the legislature and emergency powers would require a 2/3 vote by the House and Senate and governor’s orders would not be treated as law.

The resolution reads that Minnesota and its residents suffered untold economic and developmental damage from the mismanagement of power hungry, willfully negligent, and an over-extended governor.

As a number of Minnesota county boards have done, the caucus approved a resolution to keep the current state flag and seal instead of changing it the year.

Brown County Republican Chairman Greg Bartz of Sleepy Eye talks at the Sleepy Eye Republican Caucus at Sleepy Eye Public School Wednesday.

A third republican resolution would close our international borders and enforce border laws.

The Minnesota Republican Party Platform also favors a national sales tax or flat tax and simplifies the state property tax system, Republicans seek to reduce the current tax burden by requiring a supermajority vote in Congress or the Minnesota Legislature to raise taxes.

Other state platform elements include cutting or eliminating capital gains taxes, business taxes, wheelage taxes and taxes on marriage, sickness, death, inheritance, Social Security and veteran’s benefits and pensions; not increasing state sales taxes on transportation fuel and cutting property taxes on agricultural land.

The Brown County Republican Party Convention begins at 9 a.m., April 6 at the Brown County REA Auditorium several miles north of Sleepy Eye. A House District 15B endorsing convention begins at 11 a.m.

Sleepy Eye DFL caucus resolutions approved included establishing a bipartisan redistricting commission, encouraging legislation addressing the shortage of available, affordable and traditional housing in rural Minnesota, making the Minnesota Equal Rights Amendment a priority, opposing creation of CO2 pipelines in rural Minnesota, supporting legislation that addresses the shortage of rural Minnesota daycare, adopting a single-payer national healthcare that is accessible and affordable, supporting right to repair laws for agricultural equipment, opposing efforts to weaken current state and federal environmental laws, and ensuring clear, accessible drinking water for all,

Tucker Hittesdorf of Sleepy Eye was among 10 attendees at the Sleepy Eye Republican Caucus in the Sleepy Eye Public School cafeteria Wednesday.

The Minnesota DFL Party Platform includes preserving small businesses and family farms and fair ag product prices, using agricultural surpluses to alleviate hunger in the U.S. and all other nations, an immigration policy based on respect for humanity and recognition of our immigrant heritage and increasingly interconnected world.

The Brown County DFL Convention begins at 10 a.m. March 9 at the New Ulm Community Center.


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