Morgan Community Play back for its 35th year

Perform “So You Want to Commit a Murder” March 1-3

Submitted photo Morgan Community Play members from left, Becca Krogstad, Char Carlson and Amanda Johnson rehearse for “Murder for Dummies” to be performed March 1-3 in the Morgan school auditorium.

MORGAN — Back for its 35th year, the Morgan Community Players perform “Murder for Dummies” March 1-3 in the Morgan school auditorium.

“So you want to commit a murder.” This is the first line in a book purchased by Myron Bernhart (Doug Daub).

And here’s a guy who knows his books since he’s collected some rare ones and proud of it. That is until his nagging wife, Marge (Char Carlson), decides to sell them. He tries to reason with her but is argued down, not only by her but the Civic Arts League (Amanda Johnson, Kristin Rossow, and Becca Krogstad), her cronies who, of course, meet constantly at their house.

When all else fails, Myron realizes it’s time to take drastic action and plans it all out. His imagination tends to wander a bit–from German psychiatrists to CSI investigators to hard-boiled 1940s-type detectives.

So he sets up the perfect murder. His wife is home alone, he has an airtight alibi, and he prepares his victim a “special” glass of tea.

Everything is working, just like the book said. Marge takes the glass of tea, sits on the couch and quietly brings the glass up to her lips when the doorbell rings.

From here on it seems as if everybody shows up. Marge’s women’s club, a rare book collector, Myron’s buddy Jack, and, worst of all, Marge’s domineering sister.

Its a fast-paced comedy-mystery where nothing seems to go right, even when you go by the book. Of course, that’s when the title of the book is “Murder for Dummies.”

Cast members not mentioned above are Doug Kopischke, Julia Garms, Amanda Mathiowetz, Eileen Rothmeier, Lydia Sullivan, Lowell Krogstad, Ken Johnson, Alex Hulinsky, and first timers Lavender Boyles and Kayla Lindberg.

Performances are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 1-2 and 1:30 p.m. Sunday, March 3. Tickets are available at the door before each performance, no reserved seating.

Adults are $8 and 12 and under are $5. Funds from the play go directly back to Morgan area organizations that will benefit from their receipt. The cast is made up of 15 members, two of whom are new to the group, and is directed by Char Carlson and Julia Garms.


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