Nicollet looking for new maintenance worker

The Nicollet City Council on Monday gave the personnel committee the go ahead to pursue a new maintenance employee.

During the meeting, it was announced that Josh Anderson will be leaving the position on March 9. He has worked for the city since 2007.

The committee members — Councilman Kevin Ostermann and Councilwoman Mary Wels — worked with Darin Drill, public works maintenance supervisor, to write an updated job description for the position. The council reviewed the job description during the meeting.

Councilman Phil Radel suggested the new hire could possibly go to Iowa for two days of training on equipment that is required to earn the Class A CDL license. The new hire will need to pass a medical physical and a test to earn the permit before going to training for the license.

The Council passed a motion to have the personnel committee do the interviewing, negotiations and hiring of the new employee. Drill will also attend the interviews. City Clerk Vanessa Drill will post this position as soon as possible.

The committee has already done an exit interview with Anderson. He asked about what his payout would be for his earned annual and sick leave. After discussion, the council decided that Anderson should be paid his remaining annual leave and 35 percent of his earned sick leave on his last day of work.

Anderson has indicated that he will be willing to be a temporary employee on weekends and evenings if there is a need. Mayor Fred Froehlich said, “Josh has been a very dedicated employee.”

City Clerk

Vanessa Drill requested that the election judges receive a pay increase from $13 an hour to $15 an hour. After discussion, the mayor/council approved the increase.

Dollar General contacted Drill about the possibility of a streetlight being installed near its location of business. Currently it is dark when employees leave work. Drill was instructed by the Council to contact Joe Duncan at Bolton and Menk to see what can be done to install a light in that area.

The council also requested Drill to contact the state regarding their possible help for the cost of a flashing crosswalk on 6th Street and Highway 111. The Trinity Lutheran School Board has requested the city to do something as it is difficult to cross the street at that intersection because of the busy traffic.

There is an emergency management public officials leadership training on Sept. 25 from 6-8:30 p.m. at South Central College.

“As many as possible of us should attend this. We could be in trouble if we have a tornado here. We’ve had training on this before, but it would be good to attend a refresher course on this,” Mayor Froehlich said.

Councilman Matt Anthony asked about getting an online billing system. Drill will talk to the vendor about online billing and how it will transfer to the accounting system that she uses for the city’s records.

Public safety aid

The City of Nicollet received $50,981 as a one-time aid for cities to be used for public safety purposes. Darin Drill presented a “wish list” with estimated costs from the maintenance department for items he feels would make for a safer environment. After discussion, the council selected items from his list: a man basket, traffic cones, AED, respirator masks, utility locator, ladders, safety clothing, gas monitor for the manholes, and a flashing crosswalk for 6th and Highway 111. Final numbers still need to be determined before any action is taken. The Fire Department will probably submit a “wish list” for some of their needs too.

Other business

The mayor/council approved the minutes from the Jan. 8 regular meeting and the Jan. 17 special meeting. It also approved the bills for $144,707.59.

Also approved was the frontline warning systems agreement for 2024 for the siren at the fire hall at a cost of about $400, and the LG220 application for the Sioux Trails Ducks Unlimited Bingo Event for March 17.

Upcoming meetings will be March 12 and April 8, both at 6 p.m.


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