Musical signage plan clears final board hurdle

Photo from ProMusica: This design went in front of the Park and Rec Commission for approval Monday. Park and Rec Director Joey Schugel said there may be variations to the design on a per-park basis.

NEW ULM — ProMusica’s musical signage plan cleared its final city board hurdle Monday, as the Park and Rec Commission approved the design.

Park and Rec Director Joey Schugel said the plan itself for ProMusica’s signage, which will be featured in German, Hermann Heights, Nehls, Riverside, and Pollinator Parks, was approved at the Dec. 11 Park and Rec meeting and again at the Dec. 19 City Council meeting.

Schugel said the idea and funding for the signs will all come from ProMusica themselves.

“ProMusica Minnesota would provide all the funding to secure the signs through donations,” he said. “They would have a QR code in highlighted parks for individuals who wish to scan that QR code. They would then be taken to this free music site and the music would be chosen per park location.”

Schugel said the music could be chosen to represent elements of the park. He said for Hermann Heights Park, there could be a symphony orchestra about a battle scene. This would represent Hermann the German, who was a Germanic chieftain that led his group to victory over a Roman army in 9 AD.

Commissioner Carisa Buegler said she had tried the QR code on the mockup and it plays a piece from Beethoven. She said she was pleasantly surprised by the details of the project.

“It’s a neat concept to bring music into the area,” Buegler said. “I hadn’t realized they’re going to tailor it potentially to the culture and influence of the park may have on other things aside from providing a recreation area.”

Schugel also reassured commissioners that the signs would be placed in ADA-accessible locations, so anyone can access them.

Commissioner Kurt Johnson was also in favor of the sign’s design and use. He cautioned against future additions of signage.

“I think the signs are really nicely done,” he said. “I think they were approved before I got here and I don’t want to raise issue, but I don’t want to start having a whole lot of signs in the park. That’s the only issue but this is nice. I like the way they put this together.”

Commissioner Jim Jensen made the motion to approve the signage design and Commissioner Bev Luneberg seconded.

Schugel said unless any changes need to be made to ProMusica’s plans moving forward, this is the last time they will come before the Park and Rec Commission.

“The next step is they’re securing donations for the signs,” he said. “Once they secure the funding, they’ll print the signs and we will work with them to install.”

City Councilman Eric Warmka also confirmed ProMusica will not have to go before City Council again either, barring any significant changes to their plan.


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