Narren captures City Council President ahead of Fasching celebration

Mayor Kathleen Backer out of town, eludes capture

New Ulm City Council President Andrea Boettger was captured by the Narren Friday afternoon to kick off the Fasching holiday. Traditionally, the Narren capture the mayor, but with Kathleen Backer out of town, Boettger took her place.

NEW ULM — The Narren brought New Ulm city government to a stand still, Friday to mark the start of Fasching season.

In the afternoon over a dozen members of the Nareen, with musical accompaniment from Adam Munstermann and Dain Moldan, entered City Hall for the annual capturing of the mayor. However, Mayor Kathleen Backer was able to evade capture this year as she was out of town on vacation.

City Council President Andrea Boettger was captured in her place. The Narren found Boettger in the mayor’s office and forced her to take part in the Fasching revelry.

Asked how it felt to be captured by the Narren, Boettger said “I was a little nervous, but Kathleen said it was fun. I had no expectations going into it, but it has been a lot of fun.”

In taking captive the head of city government, the Narren of New Ulm declared the start of Fasching season and the end of work. Once the Narren had Boettger, the group paraded her downtown, stopping at several businesses, encouraging workers to join in the festivities.

The tradition of the Narren kidnapping the head of city government comes from Germany. A few decades ago, the Narren of New Ulm adopted the idea.

Fasching fun will continue 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Best Western Plus. The Wendinger Band will join with Narren for more singing and dancing.


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