Brown Co. board OKs updates bridge, culvert priority list

Materials, labor cost estimates increase 40%

NEW ULM — Brown County Commissioners unanimously approved an updated bridge priority list Tuesday that included moving up a Stately Township culvert for 2024 construction and putting a Mulligan Township bridge on the list.

Action came on a motion by Commissioner Scott Windschitl, seconded by Brian Braun. The priority list consists of bridges that are structurally deficient or have been requested to be replaced by a township.

A culvert on 125th Street, Stately Township is estimated to cost $290,000 with $113,000 township or state bridge funds and $177,000 local of state aid funds.

Brown County Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens said 125th Street in Stately Township is closed due to a washout last spring, prompting a new culvert to be built next year.

A new bridge on 340th Avenue, Mulligan Township is estimated to cost $700,000. Township or state bridge funds would pay $690,000 of the cost. Local or state aid funds would pay $10,000 for bridge replacement proposed for 2033.

“Cost estimates increased 40% due to labor and materials increases,” said Brown County Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens.

Bridges and culverts on the priority list are eligible for bridge bond funds.

An old bridge on CSAH 7 is proposed to be replaced in 2024. Total project cost estimate is $290,000. Township or state bridge funds would cover $113,000; local or state aid funds $177,000.

Funding applications are being made include a CR 29 concrete project from State Highway 4 to State Highway 68 in 2028. Stevens said the project cost for planning purposes is $6.2 million.


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