MLC students return for the fall

600 full-time undergrads expected for fall

Thursday and Friday, returning MLC student Sarah Vance greeted the newly arriving freshmen students to campus. Vance is the first person to meet the incomming students and direct them where to go.

NEW ULM — The population of New Ulm will see a spike this weekend with the return of Martin Luther College (MLC) students to campus.

Thursday and Friday were the official move-in days for new MLC freshmen. Some of the student-athletes arrived last week. Returning students will arrive Saturday and Sunday.

For most arriving freshmen, the first person they see is Sarah Vance, a returning MLC student who serves as the greeter. Vance was stationed on Waldheim Drive at the entrance to MLC’s parking lot. She was waiting to direct new students and their families to the correct dorms and to new student orientation.

Once new students find their dorm, teams of returning MLC students and staff assisted with the moving-in process. Whenever a new student arrived outside the dorm, MLC Senior Maddy Plitzuweit would sound an air horn and assemble of team of student movers.

Move-in teams said the most challenging part of the day was moving refrigerators.

MLC Junior Ryan Boggs (left) and Senior Camden Sulzle (right) help move freshmen into the MLC dorms.

MLC Senior Sadie Schultz said every mini-fridge is awkward to carry.

“It seems like every refrigerator is a centimeter too big to get through the door,” said Junior Ryan Boggs.

Senior Camden Sulzle said the couches were the greatest struggle; especially if they needed to go upstairs.

Despite some struggles, most new students were set up in their dorm within a matter of minutes.

“We want to make everyone feel welcome,” said Pastor and dorm supervisor Aaron Bush. Bush was helping the move-in teams. He believed it was important to make a strong first impression on the incoming students and their parents.

In coming MLC freshmen Nina Litherland of Columbus, WI and Cora Hinz of Partyville, WI are excited to arrive on campus.

“Many [parents] are sending their child off to a new place that they may have never seen before,” he said. “We will do anything to make the experience easier and more welcoming.”

Once freshmen were moved in, they were free to explore the campus. Several school groups and organizations set up tables around campus. The new students were able to sign-up for new groups.

New student Eric Kuhlman of Watertown, South Dakota looked into joining Forum, MLC’s theatrics department. Kuhlman had an interest in the tech side of the theatre. Forum President Emma Pufahl was able to provide him with the necessary information.

Overall, the move-in process was a success. MLC President Rich Gurgel said there were around 150 first-year students coming to the campus this fall. Some of the student-athletes arrived last week.

“By Sunday there should be a little over 600 full-time undergrads on campus,” Gurgel said.

MLC Forum Club members Jeff Heyer and Emma Pufahl provide new student Eric Kuhlman with information the school's theatre program.

Classes are scheduled to begin Monday. MLC will have an opening worship service for the 2023-2024 academic year starting at 10:15 a.m. at the Chapel of the Christ.


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