Courtland approves Mobil Food Units Ordinance

By Karen Fluegge

Special to the Journal

COURTLAND — The Mobil Food Units Ordinance 23-102 was approved at the regular meeting of the Courtland City Council on Thursday.

This is an Ordinance Amending Part 2 of Chapter VII of the City Code of the City of Courtland. There was a Planning Commission hearing on May 18 for the ordinance; however, no one was in attendance, so the ordinance was returned to the council for their approval.

Councilman Justin Kraus suggested that a map be prepared by City Clerk Julie Holm to show the zones and the state and county roads within the city. This should be given to the food units when they apply for their license so that they know where they can park within Courtland.

The fee for the license will be the same as the Peddler License, so $25 per year. Councilman Ralph Bents said that this fee should be the same for private and public streets so that no one will need to police where the units park.

The council also approved Resolution 23-102 Publication of Ordinance 23-102 by Title and Summary.

Old Highway 14

The mayor and council were given a Turnback Preliminary Engineering Analysis Proposal from MnDOT regarding Old Highway 14. Council member Kraus said, “It is good to be involved so that we don’t need to try to catch up later after MnDOT provides their plan.” Council member Pam Rodewald said, “We need to wait for their final proposal before we can submit our plan.”

Council member Paul Bode suggested that the council begin to put together a wish list for the turnback of the highway.

Liquor Licenses

Bryce Kloeckl and Mike Nelson were present on behalf of the Courtland Fire Department regarding their application for a temporary liquor license for Aug. 19 for their annual celebration. This was approved by the council along with the 2023-2024 renewals of liquor licenses for Swany’s Pub and the Crow Bar and Grill.

New firefighter

Dave Ubel, Courtland Fire Chief, said, “Brandon Hanevik was approved by the officers of the Courtland Fire Department to be their new firefighter. He just needs to get a medical physical and then he will be an active member of the department.”

The council approved of the new firefighter.

New lawnmower

Dave Ubel, Public Utilities, explained that he has been trying out lawnmowers and has found a new one that could replace the 11-year- old mower that the city currently is using. The new mower works better on the hills and turns without tearing up the grass.

The retail cost is about $17,500; however, the city could purchase the new mower for $8,247 after trading in the old mower and the dealer’s discounts with the state bid.

Overdue water bill

Dave Ubel explained that he has disconnected the water to 324 Main in Courtland due to an overdue water bill. Zach Baker, the resident whose water was disconnected, was present to request a payment plan so that his water can be turned back on. After discussion, the council decided to set up a payment plan of $160 a month until the overdue charges have been paid and will be due on the 25th of each month just like the regular water bill due date. There will be no late charges added if Baker pays according to this plan. Mayor Al Poehler stressed to Baker that he needs to stick to the plan or his water will be disconnected again.

City clerk

City Clerk Julie Holm reported on the following:

• Juneteenth was recently approved by the state legislature and the governor that June 19th is now a state holiday, as well as a federal holiday, so the city office will need to be closed that day.

• Effective on July 1, the Open Meeting Law will allow council members to attend meetings up to 3 times a year by videoconferencing for personal or medical reasons.

• Cannabis will be legal by Aug. 1 to possess, use and grow at home. The City of Courtland has signed a moratorium on this for Courtland and has until January 2025 to work out the licensing for cannabis sales within the city. It was agreed that the council should wait to see what Nicollet County does regarding this issue.

• A bill was passed to create a state administered paid family and medical leave insurance program and has some changes coming regarding employers needing to pay extra tax for their employees to this new program administrated by DEED. This is effective January 2026 so Holm suggested that maybe some updating should be done regarding the city’s policy for employees.

• The state program of LGA, which provides funds to cities, may have an increase in 2025 as they are changing their formula. There also could be some public safety aid and small city assistance coming in December 2023 which can be used for transportation needs.

Other business

The mayor and council approved the minutes form the May 4 regular City Council meeting. Also approved were the May bills for $44,172.98.

The next regular meeting will be July 6, at 7 p.m.


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