Capone’s barbershop opens in New Ulm

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Capone Barbershop’s owner and operator Rodney Vega, Jr. is prepared to offer a shave and haircut.

NEW ULM — The downtown New Ulm business community has welcomed a new barbershop called Capone’s.

The shop is located at 212 N. Minnesota Street in the same building as New Ulm’s Own and NadelKunst. The interior was recently remodeled to accommodate the barbershop.

The barbershop is owned and operated by Rodney Vega, Jr. He recently moved to the community to be near family. He has a sister living in Lafayette.

Vega named the barbershop after his son Jehmenie “Capone” Gene Vega but said he wanted to give the business and historic-sounding name. Since Capone is also the name of a prohibition gangster, Vega hoped to create a 1920 era aesthetic with his barbershop.

Vega loves having a barbershop in New Ulm’s historic district and hopes to infuse his business with a historic feel.

Capone’s opened on March 28 and business has been steady ever since. Vega said his second weekend open was the busiest with a dozen customers coming in on a single day.

“I like it busy,” Vega said. “It helps the time fly by.”

Vega offers every type of cut and shave. He works hard to be up on the latest hair trends. He said currently, there is a push for the old fashion hairstyles. The mullet and the comb are coming back into fashion. The hot towel and straight razor trims are also popular.

Vega said children are asking for unique designs trimmed into their sides. He can typically trim any pattern upon request.

Barbershops are historically for men, but Vega will also cut women’s hair. He said he has experience framing and layering women’s hair. Eventually, he plans to offer hair coloring too.

Vega has been cutting hair for most of his life. He began cutting as a young man.

“I didn’t have my own barber so I cut my own hair,” Vega said. From there he expanded out to family, cutting his cousins’ and nephews’ hair. Vega decided to pursue hair as a profession and attended barber school. After graduating he worked for a time at an ethnic barbershop. There he learned to cut all types of hair.

Hair types and styles vary between different ethnicities. Vega said it is important to customers that a barber can handle their hair. Vega assured that can work with all types of hair.

Capone’s barbershop takes appointments but can accept walk-ins. The business is open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.


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