Sculpture of Prince’s Guitar to grace Minnesota Music Hall of Fame building

The 15-foot tall sculpture of Prince’s guitar is currently on display in Mankato, but soon it will travel to New Ulm for permanent display in front of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

NEW ULM — A 15-foot-tall sculpture of Prince’s guitar will soon be installed near the front entrance of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in New Ulm.

The sculpture was created as part of the Mankato City Art Walking Sculpture Tour. The sculpture artist, Jefferson Davis, created the piece to honor the late musican Prince, who was a Minnesota native.

Prince was inducted into the MInnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

Recently, the sculpture was donated to the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame (MMHF), which is located in New Ulm. The MMHF recently received a donation of Prince memorabilia from the Prince Legacy Foundation and this included the sculpture.

The plan is to install the sculpture near the MMHF entrance. As this is technically New Ulm Public Library property, the library board was asked last week to approve installation of the sculpture at this site. The board gave its blessing.

MMHF board member Jerry Ubl said he believed the sculpture would be great for tourism; especially if it is placed outside the Hall of Fame entrance right off Broadway.

“[Tourists] will notice it,” Ubl said. “I think it will be good for the city.”

The library board agreed it would make a unique addition to the property. The only concern was if the city approved of the installation.

Ubl said plan was to place the sculpture on a concrete base a foot off the ground. The base would be wide enough to allow people to stand next to it for photos.

Library board member Vince Bourgault made the motion to approve the installation of the sculpture on condition the city approved the specifications of the concrete base. It was approved by the board.

The sculpture will remain on 2nd Street in Mankato until April, as it is still part of the CityArt tour. Once the concrete base is approved and installed, the sculpture will come to its new home in New Ulm.


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