Park board endorses pollinator protection

The New Ulm Park and Recreation Board agreed Monday to recommend a request to implement additional natural resource management practices for pollinators and other wildlife in the areas.

A request from Deb Steinberg, Joe Gartner, Julie Gartners and other supports of pollinators requested land near the Pollinator Park at 2250 N. Broadway St. and other park areas in New Ulm be vegetatively managed as a natural resource area for pollinators and other wildlife.

The other areas cited for pollinator development include areas near the skate and BMX park, Adams Park and South Market Park.

“Pollinators need our help,” Joe Gartner said.

The New Ulm region was once rich in pollinator plants, but as the community developed, pollinating plant species decreased and hurt pollinating fauna like bees and butterflies.

Gartner said this was an opportunity to enhance the community with more pollinating plants.

The locations cited in the plan were chosen because they would require the least amount of work. Many already had established plants that are useful to pollinators.

Gartner believed the major part of this approval would be educating the public on the difference between native plants and weeds.

Steinberg said these areas were also chosen for the diversity. She believed it was a great opportunity for people to explore the natural wildlife in the community.

Commissioner David Christian made the motion to recommend the request. He said it was a fantastic program. It was unanimously approved by the commissioners.


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