Skate park is repaired

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt James “Swamp Trog” Kaul worked to repair the rough and sharp edges at the New Ulm skate park.

NEW ULM — The New Ulm skate park underwent some structural maintenance Monday.

Twin Cities company 3rd Lair repaired the ramps at the skate parts to ensure safety. James Kaul, known to friends as “Swamp Trog,” conducted the repairs in the morning. He explained the bulk of his work was patching holes in the ramp boards. The ramps are made out of a compressed composite material. Wear and tear on these ramps can create sharp edges that are dangerous during a fall. These repairs will create a safer environment for skaters.

Kaul said he would personally test the ramps with his skateboard to see in any additional work is needed.

3rd Lair’s maintenance work will also include a proposal from 3rd Lair on how to modernize the skate park.

Kaul said the basic proposal was to improve the flow of the park through the creation of more bumps and ramps. He also suggested adding tiered quarter pipes for entry level skaters to practice before moving to the higher skill-level pipes. Additional approach work to the ramps and obstacles could also help create softer landings when a skater does fall.

“The idea is to make it accessible for all,” Kaul said.

3rd Lair is a small business out of the Twin Cities. Their mission is to birth a lifelong interest in skateboarding. In addition to performing maintenance, the company operates an indoor skate park in the metro area, holds skate camps and offers private lessons.

New Ulm Park and Recreation Director Tom Schmitz said the skate park was created in the early 2000s. The work being done by 3rd Lair is part of longer range plan to expand the park. There is plan to add more obstacles and create an open shelter for the park in the future.


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