Local librarian writes book

Submitted photo Jefferson Elementary’s library assistant Gail Boe has recently written a children’s book called “Lettuce.”

NEW ULM — Jefferson Elementary has a newly published author. Library assistant Gail Boe recently wrote and published a children’s book called “Lettuce.”

The picture book features a walking talking head of lettuce with an optimistic message of acceptance.

The book’s title is a play on words. The title head of lettuce named “Lettuce” repeats the phrase “Let Us” throughout the book.

Boe said the theme of the book is positivity and kindness. The main character is asking the characters to be themselves and do what they like. Many of the things Lettuce observes in the book are opposites of one another, but that is okay. Lettuce’s goal at the start of the book is to find all kinds of differences that make people unique.

Boe said the book used simple words to support kindness and support happiness. She believes the world could use more positivity and hopes her book could do that for kids.

“I always wanted to write it,” Boe said. “I had the idea since I was a kid.”

Boe has worked in the school district for 12 years and has worked as Jefferson library assistant for the last few years. Boe said she has seen many books for children come through the library, but never saw her idea. Last year, she decided it was time to make her book a reality.

The book also contains subtle references to her family. Lettuce wears a baseball hat. Baseball is her son’s favorite sport. The baseball hat has a letter “L” on it, which some think stands for Lettuce but it also stands for Lucy, Boe’s daughter.

There is also a red and green color scheme that repeats, reflecting Boe’s love of the Christmas holiday.

Boe said the pandemic gave her extra time to write her book idea down. After completing her book, she submitted it to multiple publishers and was picked up by Mascot Books. She received the first copy of the book on April 24. Mascot will begin distributing the book in August, but people can pre-order copies in advance.

Boe said the response from the people who have read “Lettuce” was positive. She is considering writing up a follow-up book about Christmas.

A copy of “Lettuce” is already available in Jefferson’s library. Boe’s copy already has a library barcode added to it. By next school year, other libraries will likely have a copy of her book, but Jefferson’s copy is special because it contains a handwritten note from the author. Directed to the readers of Jefferson it says: “Happy Reading! Let Us Love!”–Gail Boe 2021.


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