Homeless woman accused of biting officer

NEW ULM — A 20-year-old homeless woman accused of biting an officer in the arm and kicking a deputy in the groin faces three charges filed in Brown County District Court.

Charges filed April 7 against Bailey R. Skelley include felony fourth-degree assault of a peace officer-demonstrable bodily harm, gross misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and misdemeanor obstructing the legal process.

A warrant was issued and an order to extend the 36-hour rule was approved in court April 7 as Skelley remains in detox and will not be fit for release from the medical facility within 36 hours of arrest.

According to court documents, Brown County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched at 5:12p.m. April 5 to a suspicious white vehicle on the side of the road at the intersection of 145th Avenue and 215th Street, Cottonwood Township, just south of New Ulm.

At the scene, deputies found a 1999 Ford truck with a broken front axle, resting on a front tire, partially in the ditch, mostly in the southbound traffic lane.

In the vehicle, deputies found a woman sitting in the fetal position in the passenger seat. She refused to identify herself or give her age, but was later identified as Skelley. Her behavior and mannerisms indicated to deputies that she was under the influence of an unknown substance or was experiencing significant mental health issues.

She kicked a deputy in the groin while law enforcement tried to detain and handcuff her, but was later handcuffed and placed in a deputy’s squad car.

At the Brown County Evaluation Center, detox division, Skelley refused to walk and was carried into the facility. She bit an officer’s arm, causing it to turn red and bruise noticeably. The officer was advised to go to the New Ulm Medical Center for evaluation.


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