Panel goes on with parks planning

NEW ULM — The New Ulm Planning Commission will receive a report on the next neighborhood park project, Thursday.

The panel previously reviewed existing and proposed park areas and created ranking systems to identify the most appropriate location for the next park.

The Planning Commission has participated in the review process. Last month, the Planning Commission members each identified their top three choices for the next park. Upper Cottonwood, Lakeside Village and Maplewood were ranked the highest by the planning commissioners, but they deferred any further action until more information was available on the Parks Commission’s evaluation process. The parks commissioners have since held a work session to finalize selection criteria and a scoring system. It is anticipated the Parks Commission will vote on the final park ranking at their March 8 meeting.


The commission will consider a variance to allow an attached garage addition to be located 3 feet from the side property line. The property is located at 12 N. Payne Street. An applicant is requesting a variance for a 20-foot by 22-foot garage addition to be constructed three feet from the side yard property line.

There is an existing 14-foot by 22-foot garage on the property. The owner would prefer to add to the existing garage rather than remove the building and construct a new one. The addition would maintain the existing distance from the north property line.

Staff is recommending approval of the variance.

Staff believes the placement of the building will not change the essential character of the neighborhood and the addition would not change the distance to the existing property line.


A second variance will come before the commission, regarding the construction of a 28-foot by 36-foot storage shed placed 10 feet from the front yard property line abutting 10th South Street. The front yard setback in this district is 30 feet. The property is located in a cul-de-sac along Southridge Road with the back of the property along 10th Street South. Since the property is abutting two streets it has two front yard setback areas.

Staff is recommending approval due to the steep slope along the northern property line and minimal space between the home and a neighboring home to access the rear of the property. The placement of the building does not change the essential character of the neighborhood.


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