Dist. 84 board approves student expulsion

SLEEPY EYE — The District 84 Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday to expel a student according to the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

Action came on a motion by board member Bryan Sellner, seconded by Joleen Dittbenner.

According to the resolution, the student and his parents were served written notice of the school district’s intent to initiate expulsion proceedings and a copy of the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

The student and his parents elected to waive a scheduled hearing with the understanding that with the waiver, the proposed terms of expulsion would be submitted to the school board for action.

By reviewing the record relating to the matter, the school board finds that due to the nature of the conduct engaged in by the student, the terms of expulsion proposed by the school district are reasonable and appropriate, according to the resolution.

In addition, the school board ordered that the student expulsion be imposed immediately, according to the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act by written notice to the student and his parents.

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