Dist. 84 board reorganizes

SLEEPY EYE — The District 84 Board of Education reelected its existing officers Wednesday.

Action came on a motion by Brian Nelson, seconded by Bryan Sellner. Reelected were Chairwoman Darla Remus, Vice Chairman Casey Coulson, Clerk Sheila Wurtzberger and Treasurer Joleen Dittbenner.

Superintendent John Cselovszki said he recommends the school stay in its learning model of in-person learning for elementary students and hybrid learning for the high school.

“I think we’re making huge progress (with COVID-19), but I want to see if numbers go lower before recommending the board change anything,” Cselovszki said.

“There are no school district students with positive (COVID-19) cases now, just a few students in islolation after their parents got COVID,” said Cselovszki.

He said the school will do free, state-funded saliva (COVID-19) testing for school staff on Thursday, Jan. 14.

“I ordered 50 tests for elementary staff and 50 for high school staff,” said Cselovszki. “We’re looking for people who feel normal but could test positive. We’ll test every two weeks. Results are private but staff has the option of sharing results with the school district.”

Cselovszki said he is assisting with the saliva testing and that he and three others helping with saliva testing received the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination. He has hopes of everyone in the school getting vaccinated by late February or early March.

Cselovszki said the district’s state-funded pre-school program for four-year-olds is ramping up.

“It’s a good program. I hope the state funding continues. We’re one of the few districts that has it,” he said.

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