Sleepy Eye man faces fleeing officer charge

Officers pursue man Dec. 2

SLEEPY EYE — A 23-year-old Sleepy Eye man faces a felony charge of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and a misdemeanor charge of driving after revocation after law enforcement pursued him on Main Street Dec. 2.

Isaac Prieto’s bail without conditions was set at $10,000; $3,000 with conditions in a Zoom hearing Friday. A court appearance was set for 9:30 a.m. Dec. 15.

According to the complaint, a Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy called Sleepy Eye Police at about 10:45 a.m. Dec. 2 and informed them he just passed Prieto, who was driving a light blue minivan westbound at the east end of town. Dispatch confirmed Prieto had a revoked driver’s license.

Police saw Prieto drive west on Highway 14 right in front of them in his wife’s minivan, which they recognized from past traffic stops with Prieto’s wife. The officer activated his emergency lights and followed Prieto.

At 7th Avenue N.E., the officer saw Prieto raise his arm out the window, indicating he knew law enforcement was behind him, and continued driving. At 6th Avenue N.E., the officer activated his siren while continuing to follow Prieto who turned north on 4th Avenue N.W. and into the Freedom Valu Center.

Police said Prieto drove through the Freedom lot and headed east on Highway 14 and pulled the vehicle to the side of the road in front of 4105 Main Street West, his parent’s address.

The officer heard Prieto honking his horn vigorously as he pulled up to his parent’s home. Officers surrounded the minivan with their squad cars and ordered Prieto to exit the vehicle.

As officers opened the vehicle door, Prieto honked the horn again and yelled for his brother to get the girls.

Police checked the van and observed a “fuzz buster” (an electronic device that alerts a vehicle driver to radar units used by law enforcement to measure vehicle speed) on the windshield, and a pocketknife and portable radio in the center console.

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