Sanborn man charged in high-speed chase

ST. PETER — Charges were filed in Nicollet County District Court Monday against Tanner W. Jarvis, 21, 29960 180th St., Sanborn, accusing him of traveling at speeds up to 130 mph during a July 2 chase from law enforcement through Nicollet, Sibley and Brown counties.

A state-wide arrest warrant has been issued for a Jarvis, who was identified with the help of a social media post.

Charges filed in Nicollet County District Court Monday against Jarvis, included felony fleeing police in a motor vehicle, gross misdemeanor driving after cancellation and misdemeanor reckless and careless driving, speeding and failing to stop at a through highway entrance.

According to court documents, Nicollet County Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Struckman responded to a call for assistance from New Ulm Police on July 2 regarding a speeding, black Nissan two-door that was westbound on CR 5, near CR 4.

Struckman saw the suspect vehicle with a spoiler and dark window tint and turned around to follow it. Struckman’s radar recorded the Nissan traveling at 106 mph. The deputy activated his emergency lights and siren at 9:06 p.m. and recorded the Nissan traveling eastbound on CR 5 at speeds up to 130 mph.

The Nissan turned north on 387th Avenue and continued at speeds from 80 to 90 mph, before it turned east on CR 15 and ran a stop sign. The Nissan briefly went out of control in a corner, entering the ditch, then returned to the road and continued at speeds up to 100 mph.

The Nissan traveled through the unincorporated city of Traverse, just northwest of St. Peter, at 80 mph in a 30 mph speed zone, then traveled into the oncoming traffic lane.

The pursuit continued into St. Peter where the Nissan ran another stop sign at State Highway 22 and CR 15, turning west on Highway 22, continuing at speeds greater than 100 mph. The Nissan turned north on CR 875 and reached speeds of up to 84 mph on gravel.

The Nissan continued to Sibley CR 8, turning east, then north onto U.S. Highway 169, then onto Sibley CR 18, before pursuit ended because the Nissan could not be located.

A deputy noticed the Nissan license plate number of DET 051, a 2011 Nissan 370z coupe, registered to Rhonda A. Tubbs, 64, of Sanborn. State Patrol learned that Tubbs’ son was Tanner Jarvis.

NIcollet County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Alex Nelson found a social media profile for Jarvis and a photo of a black Nissan 370z with license plate DET 051. A database search was used to find Jarvis’ phone number. Nelson called it and talked to a man while hearing the wind and vehicle engine in the background.

On July 3, Nelson learned that Tubbs reported her Nissan stolen July 2. He called Tubbs and was told she allowed her son to take the Nissan to Rochester for work.

Tubbs said Jarvis took her car and stopped at a New Ulm gas station where he was approached by an unknown man and woman. She said the man asked Jarvis if he could drive the Nissan and he allowed it, before the man drove off in it.

Tubbs said Jarvis and another man “Tyler,” tried to walk/hitchhike to Sanborn on Highway 14. They became tired and slept in a ditch. The next morning they reached Springfield and called Tubbs who drove to Springfield to pick them up. She later reported the car stolen to law enforcement but not to her insurance company.

The Nissan was located near 400th Street and 800th Avenue in Renville County on July 4.

Tubbs later told law enforcement she did not go to Springfield to pick up Jarvis. Instead, she said she picked him up at a Morton truck stop.

A Springfield witness told law enforcement she knew Jarvis and got a phone call from him about midnight on the night of the pursuit, asking her to pick him up because he ran out of gas and that he was involved in a high-speed chase with law enforcement.

Jarvis was previously convicted of driving after cancellation in Stearns County on Sept. 1, 2016; DWI under the influence of Schedule I or II drugs in Renville County on Aug. 23, 2013; DWI in Redwood County, May 23, 2013; and third-degree DWI greater than 0.08 within 2 hours in Yellow Medicine County on Oct. 4, 2010.

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