Lucan couple seeks legislative seats

LUCAN – A rural Lucan couple that operate a family hobby farm are seeking legislative seats held by veteran Republicans – Sen. Gary Dahms, Redwood Falls; and Rep. Paul Torkelson, Hanska.

Wisconsin native and Independence Alliance Party member Joshua Prine, who owns an information technology business, plans to oppose Dahms this fall in District 16.

His fiance, Jessica Thomson, a Holland, Mn (near Pipestone) native, said she just got the Veteran’s Party endorsement, although she isn’t a military veteran.

Thomson said she enjoys cooking from scratch, raising goats, pigs and chickens and growing egg plants and tomatoes, while raising three children.

On top of that, she’s due to deliver a baby on November Election Day.

“Joshua and I feel that’s a sign,” Thomson said.

She formerly operated a computerized wind turbine blade-building program for the Suzlon Rotor Co. in Pipestone.

Jessica feels she can make a positive change at the Minnesota Legislature.

“I’ve been watching what’s going on there and it seems like it’s not much,” Thomson said. “I like what I see of the Veteran’s Party. They’re active and constitution-based.”

Raising an autistic eight-year-old boy, the couple feels very strongly about creating better mental health services in rural Minnesota.

“Our area is known as “the black hole” of services for those with autism,” Joshua said. “I would like to bring needed services to our area and make it easier for families to access services that exist. I am working with several agencies and concerned families to start a non-profit coalition to help do that.”

He said the country’s current politics are not set up for anyone to be able to run for office, as it was originally set up.

“Our politics are set up to favor the two major parties. I will work to make balloting practices fair for everyone, the way it was meant to be,” Prine said.

He said more bi-partisanship is needed and less time spent arguing over who is right or wrong.

“Independent candidates aren’t held to a party’s views, which means they can work for you, not the party,” Joshua said.

He said he also feels strongly about keeping families on farms and that many agriculture policies favor large, corporate farms, which aren’t always good for family farmers.

Prine said he also supports term limits for legislators which he feels will help get more legislation passed for constituents.

Fritz Busch can be emailed at fbusch@nujournal.com.


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