Kids and lamb come for visit

Photo courtesy of Henry Bode Krista Riggs and Henry Bode brought a lamb to visit their mother Naomi Budahn at Oak Terrace in Mankato on Wednesday. Bode raises sheep outside of Courtland.

MANKATO — Oak Terrace resident Naomi Budahn received a special visit Wednesday from her son Henry Bode, daughter Krista Riggs — and a sheep Wednesday.

For three weeks Oak Terrace has been on lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic making face-to-face visits impossible. Rather than go through a traditional phone call with their mom, Bode and Riggs decided to bring sheep to her window.

Bode raises sheep outside of Courtland on the farm where his mom previously lived. When he and his siblings were young they would bring all kinds of farm animals into the house and his mom never seemed to mind because she liked animals.

Bode said they had some new lambs on the farm and his sister suggested it would be a nice treat to bring one on their next visit.

Oak Terrace staff allow them to bring the lamb up to the window. Several of the other tenants were able to see the animal too.

Bode said if not for the lock-down, he might have brought the lamb inside.

With the ongoing health crisis, Bode is unsure when he will get to see his mom face to face again, but he will likely bring other animals to her window. He said next time might bring a small pony.


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