Building’s concerns unremedied

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt The building at 307 N. Minnesota Street has been marked as an unsafe structure. City orders to repair the building have not been followed, according to New Ulm Building Inspector Ellwood Zabel.

NEW ULM — For over a month, a barricade and caution tape has blocked the sidewalk in front of 307 N. Minnesota St. The barricade was put in place due to concerns of structural stability problems with the building.

The city gave the owner was given 30 days to make to bring the building into compliance, but that deadline ran out last week.

New Ulm Fire and Building Inspector Ellwood Zabel said this issue should come before the City Council on April 7. The building owner will likely receive another 20-day notice to make repairs. If nothing happens after this second notice, the city could order in the repairs and assess the cost to the property on taxes.

The plaster on the north side has begun to crumble, but Zabel said the concern with the building was the brick structure. Moisture infiltrated the bricks over the years.


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