County planners OK plat applications

NEW ULM — The Brown County Planning Commission unanimously approved three final plat applications Tuesday.

They included applications filed by:

• Jeffery D. & Ellen Juni known as Juni Fifth Subdivision, 43.53 acres, Sections 4 and 9, Milford Township, to add a strip of land on the west side of Juni Fourth Subdivision for utility lines; motion by Commissioner Tony Berg, seconded by Commissioner Dennis Potter.

• Wayne Shellum on property owned by Shellum Family Trust, known as Shellum Subdivision, 5.38 acres, Section 25, Albin Township, to split building site form tillage acres, all located in the A-1 Agricultural Protection Zoning District; motion by Commissioner Potter, seconded by Commissioner John Rolloff.

• John Bauer on property owned by John Bauer known as Bauer Subdivision, 6.88 acres, Section 7, Linden Township; to split building site from tillable acres, all in the Agricultural Protection Zoning District; motion by Commissioner Berg, seconded by Commissioner Rolloff.

Planning Commission recommendations will be considered by Brown County commissioners at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 18.