Hub Club honors Klingler

Arline Klingler was honored at the Farm-City Hub Club annual meeting. She was this year’s the Service to Agriculture recipient for her continued behind the scenes volunteering.

NEW ULM — Arline Klingler was honored with the Farm-City Hub Club Service to Agriculture award Monday at the Community Center.

Klingler said she was beyond humbled to receive the award. In November, when a group of members surprised her at home with the news she would receive the award, she tried to refuse it in favor of more worthy people. She said had the club member shown up three minutes later, she would have been out of the house and hid.

Klingler joined the Hub Club with her husband Stanley after she retired from 3M. The couple never took on leadership roles but volunteered at several events. Even after Stanley’s death, Arline continues to volunteer for the Hub Club.

Club members described Klingler as a behind-the-scenes worker who is ready and willing to do any task needed.

Don Sanders said she was a woman who preferred to work in the shadows, but this was her night in the limelight.

During the award presentation, friends, family and club members shared stories about Klingler’s hard work for the Hub Club, her work taking care of the grotto at the St. George church and house cleaning work.

Her niece Tammy Phillips said it was not a surprise to learn her aunt was receiving an award for her commitment to helping others, but it was rare to find a person at 89 who continues to give back.

“I know you are humble, but you are so deserving of this honor,” Phillips said.

Ann Wendinger was moved to tears sharing memories of all work Klingler has put in for the St. George parish.

At the end of the ceremony, the audience toasted Klingler with a beer, which she made a point to finish.

Klingler was excited to receive the award, but kept her acceptance speech short simply telling the crowd “Thanks.”