Jim Jensen leads new entrepreneurial consulting program

Tuesday, Thursday office hours at NU Chamber

Staff photo by Fritz Busch The Regional Center for Entrepreneurial Facilitation (RCEF) in Mankato is expanding, offering free consulting services for Brown County entrepreneurs. Long-time New Ulm businessman and entrepreneur Jim Jensen, right, will have office hours in the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce, 1 N. Minnesota St, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and by appointment. Pictured from left, RCEF Senior Facilitator Bryan Stading, Mankato; and New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Michael Looft are part of the program.

NEW ULM — Long-time New Ulm area businessman and entrepreneur Jim Jensen is the main point of contact for a new collaboration between the Regional Center for Entrepreneurial Facilitation (RCEF) and the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce.

Serving clients for RCEF for several years in other communities on a limited basis, Jensen said he is excited to be working in the program at no charge to businesses.

Jensen’s office hours at the New Ulm Chamber office, 1 N. Minnesota Street are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and by appointment.

During the rest of the week, Jensen will visit area communities and meet with Brown County business people.

“Our mission is to restore the vibrancy of businesses in Brown County,” Jensen said. “The time is right for new entrepreneurs to begin their dream of success and for existing businesses to rekindle their passion.”

Brown County Administrator Sam Hansen said he’s had favorable experience with RCEF.

“It has the knowledge and experience to assist entrepreneurs to be successful for years to come. I have witnessed their work in other communities prove invaluable for both the business owner and the community,” Hansen said.

New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce President/ CEO Michael Looft said the program, known as RCEF: Brown County Catalyst, is also about consulting with existing businesses.

“It’s also about caring for businesses that are here and that they continue to grow,” Looft said. “By next spring, we’ll have three new businesses in downtown New Ulm. The ripple effect will help everyone.”

A positive supporter of the concept, Looft said it has the enthusiastic backing of New Ulm Chamber of Commerce leadership. The organization is providing free office space in their building for RCEF.

Bryan Stading, RCEF Senior Facilitator of Mankato said he’s working on getting the word out about the new entrepreneurial consulting program that is cost-free to businesses.

“We want to make sure it’s not the best-kept secret,” Stading said. “The beauty of entrepreneurs are they are coming and going constantly. It’s important for us to be able to serve everyone.

For more information about RCEF: Brown County Catalyst, stop by the New Ulm Chamber office, visit www.rcef.net or call 507-344-7897.

To schedule an appointment with Jensen, visit www.recef.net or call 507-276-3280.

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