SE hosts Welcoming Communities Assessment

Staff photo by Fritz Busch A Welcoming Communities Project Assessment is held at the Sleepy Eye Event Center Tuesday. The event helped people learn about the successes and challenges in becoming more welcoming and inclusive. Above a business community small group discusses how to increase inclusion awareness.

SLEEPY EYE — Residents of New Ulm, Sleepy Eye, Springfield and other parts of Brown County gathered in the Sleepy Eye Event Center Tuesday for a Welcoming Communities Assessment.

The process was developed to learn about the successes and challenges of organizational and community efforts to be inclusive to all residents.

After dinner, participants broke into seven overlapping social sectors: schools, health care, law enforcement, local government, non-profits including social service organizations, service clubs and local foundations, religious institutions and business.

Discussion guidelines included creating a safe feeling for people to talk and listen and be respectful.

A primary assumption of safe space is that everyone talks with the positive intent of seeking greater knowledge and understanding.

Cohort communities include St. James, St. Peter, Fairmont, Waseca, and Montgomery/Le Center/Lonsdale.

For more information and to complete the assessment for other sectors, visit https://z.umn.edu/welcoming.


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