Sleepy Eye to continue trash discussion

SLEEPY EYE — The Sleepy Eye City Council will hold a follow-up discussion on garbage pickup early in its Tuesday, Oct. 8, meeting in the City Council Chambers.

Last month, the city council discussed the issue at length after receiving 261 petitions prior to the September 10 city council meeting.

Sleepy Eye resident Mark Beito asked why trash couldn’t be picked up in alleys instead of in the street in front of residences. Beito said the Sleepy Eye City Code calls for disposing of trash in a healthy and safe manner and asked that the code be followed.

The City of Sleepy Eye website displayed a rolling message that reads: “As the logistics to the change in garbage pick-up locations are being worked out, please continue to put your garbage curbside until further notice. We will notify you when and how the change will take place.”

The City of Sleepy Eye website also issued a rolling message about a scam alert. It read: “There is a Social Security phone scam in the area using the Sleepy Eye Police Department phone number. Scammers can clone any phone number to trap you into giving them your personal information.

“Never give personal information over the phone. They are also asking you to ‘pay off’ what you owe using gift cards. This is a sure sign of a scam.”

Other city council agenda items include:

• A second reading of an amendment to a dangerous dog ordinance.

• An amendment to the number of dogs allowed in a residence.

• A Home Cemetery annexation amendment.

• A Shade Tree Disease Control Ordinance amendment. According to Chapter 2, Shade Tree Disease Control, a nuisance may be declared when any elm, oak or ash tree infected to any degree with Dutch elm disease, oak wilt or emerald ash borer is declared a nuisance.

The County may order the abatement of any such nuisance and cause the infected tree to be sprayed, removed, burned or treated to destroy and prevent as fully as possible the spread of shade tree disease.

The cost of an abatement shall be paid by the City when the trees are on boulevards or other property owned by the City. The cost shall be assessed against the property owner when the trees are on privately-owned property.

• A liquor license for Sleepy Eye Brewing. City Manager Bob Elston suggests a tap room license fee be set at $1,200. For Sleepy Eye Brewing’s initial term, the City would charge a $700 pro-rated fee.

• Consideration of Northland Securities Managing Director George Eilertson’s recommendation to issue a $415,000 general obligation capital improvement plan to replenish general fund reserves used to remodel the existing City Hall and remodeling the former liquor store into a new police station.

A resolution awarding the bond sale would be considered at the Nov. 12 city council meeting. The bonds would close in December, allowing bond proceeds to be deposited into the general fund by the end of 2019.

• The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m. today in the council chambers.

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