Here’s lookin’ at ‘Casablanca,’ kid!

State Street Theater fundraiser celebrates Hollywood’s Golden Age

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Before the screening, VIP guest were serve a meal with live musical entertainment. Peter Jacobs played piano while Sarah Frahm sang 1940s era tunes, including “As Time Goes By.”

NEW ULM–The State Street Theater (SST) rolled out the red carpet for audiences, Friday evening as part of its “Golden Age of Hollywood Fundraiser.”

The theater held formal dress screening of the classic Hollywood film “Casablanca.”

SST board member Mark Santelman said Casablanca was “the greatest film made by Hollywood.” No one in attendance disagreed.

The film started at 7:30 p.m. but before the show VIP guests were able to dine behind the screen at a “Casablanca”-inspired Rick’s Cafe America. In the lounge, pianist Peter Jacobs played music from the film on the piano while Sarah Frahm sang.

Down the hall, guests could grab dessert at the “Afrifa Airport Lounge.”

SST President Mary Ellen Domeier was pleased with the attendance. The theater sold out of VIP dinner tickets, which was not expected.

Vice-President Richard Tostenson said many of the decorations in the theater lobby will remain on permanent display for future shows.

The theater has several show and performances. The next Unplugged series will is Friday, Oct. 4 with alan Munde Trio. The play “Deer Camp” will be performed Oct. 11-Oct 13.


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