A close-knit group of riders show off at fair

Andrew Hellendrung steadily balances an egg on a spoon during a crowd favorite horse competition.

NEW ULM — The Brown County 4-H Horse Show closed the animal shows at this year’s fair, Sunday.

Horse show organizer Becky Cselovszki said this year participation numbers were up for the program. 

All the youth in the 4-H Horse program do activities together creating a tight-knit group of riders. 

In the Showperson round, McKenzie Cselovszki took the first blue, and Clara Lemarr took the second blue. 

Judge Denise Reeser said showperson is one of the most difficult parts of the horse show, but it is a great predictor of how a horse will ride in the show. McKenzie Cselovszki would continue to do well in later competitions.

This was McKenzie’s last year in the 4-H program after competing in horse shows for 14 years. She said the friendships formed in the program will be the things she will miss most. She still intends to show horses during the summer, but will not be part of 4-H.

In English Pleasure, Chloe Groe took the first blue, with Clara Lemarr taking the second blue. Clara Lemarr took the first blue in English Equitation, and Cloe Groe took the second blue.

Judge Reeser said in the Western pleasure-stock division she is looking for a horse that was a pleasure to ride. A top horse was the one most responsive and willful toward guiding.

Andrew Hellendrung took the first blue, with McKenzie Cselovszki taking the second blue in the Western Pleasure-Stock class. 

Sydney Zarn received a blue in this class for the Grades 3-5 category. It was her first year competing in the 4-H show. 

Cselovszki took the first blue in Western Horsemanship, and Chloe Groe took the second blue.

The trail riding division was one of the most challenging. Only two blue ribbons were awarded, going to Chloe Groe in first and McKenzie Cselovszki in second. The start of the trail course required riders to open and close a gate while on their horse. Judge Reeser said trail riding takes a lot of practice.

The Egg and Spoon competition was a crowd favorite at the show. Riders were required to carry an egg on a spoon. The last to drop the egg wins. Russell Hellendrung took first in the Grade 9 and up class. Andrew Hellendrung took first in the Grade 6-8 division. 

Andrew Hellendrung said he liked to hang on the back of the spoon which created a spring action, allowing the egg to bounce more without falling out.

In pole weaving, Andrew Hellendrung finished first with a time of 12.187 seconds. Chloe Groe was second with a time of 14.379 seconds, and McKenzie Cselovszki took third with 15.076.

In the Grades 3-5 division, Sydney Zarn finished first with a time of 14.737 seconds, which put her neck and neck with the senior grade riders. Talia Schueler came in second for her age class with a 19.268-second run.

Andrew Hellendrung finished first in the Key Race with a time of 9.566. He was followed closely by Russell Hellendrung at 9.591 seconds. McKenzie Cselovszki took third with 10.505 seconds.

In the 3-5 Grades, Sydney Zarn managed 12.612 seconds. Talia Schuler finished with 15.031.

The barrel race was won by Andrew Hellendrung with a time of 15.93 seconds. McKenzie Cselovszki took second at 16.213 seconds. 

Sydney Zarn once again took first in the beginner division with a time of 20.559 seconds. Leah Kucera finished next with 27.92 seconds.

McKenzie Cselovszki won the Jumping Figure 8 with a time of 15.76 seconds. Andrew Hellendrung came in second with 18.015. Hellendrung was penalized for knocking over one pole.

The horse show ended with a special thank you to Becky Cselovszki. This was her last year helping run the 4-H Horse show.

“I’ve been doing this for 17 years,” she said. “I got three girls through the program and the last one is through.”

Cselovszki said she will still be around for the shows but will have less direct involvement. The youth in the 4-H youth program presented Cselovszki with flowers for all the help and support she had given them over the years.