Kolbe pleads guilty to interfering with 911 call; other charges dismissed

BROWN COUNTY — A 42-year-old Minneapolis man accused of five charges in a Sleepy Eye incident last October pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor 911 call interruption in Brown County District Court Monday.

Thomas R. Kolbe II, was originally charged with two counts of felony first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault in addition to the emergency phone call interruption charge. All of the four other charges were dismissed due to lack of probable cause.

Kolbe was scheduled to be sentenced at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. Aug. 14. A pre-sentence investigation was ordered. A protection order earlier granted for the alleged victim, his wife, was dismissed.

According to court documents, Kolbe’s wife called Sleepy Eye Police on Oct. 28 and said she was concerned that he was trying to hurt himself. Police went to a residence at 629 2nd Ave. N.W. and found front door glass shattered.

Kolbe told police he and his wife had an argument, that he didn’t intend to harm himself but acted out of anger.

The woman told police she dialed 911, hung up and Kolbe grabbed the phone and ran upstairs. She said she followed him upstairs, noticed a phone in his back pocket and grabbed it while they struggled for the other phone, then he tried to take the phones from her.

The woman told police that the previous night, she went out and had a drink, came home, took two cannabidiol pills due to a migraine and was sleeping heavily before waking up when Kolbe had sex with her despite her telling him not to.

Kolbe said in court last fall that he understood the situation and that in the end, it will be a misunderstanding, that he was starting to see his son again, he wanted to spend time with his family and he was not a threat to the public or his wife.

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