New Ulm High School graduates 158 students

Staff photo by Gage Cureton Emma Maudal, a member of the New Ulm High School Class of 2019, addresses her classmates at the Class of 2019 graduation ceremony at the high school on Friday. Members of the District 88 School Board are seated behind her.

NEW ULM — Over 150 graduates in New Ulm High School’s class of 2019 ended their high school careers following a ceremony in the high school gym Friday.

The senior class commencement address was delivered by senior Emma Maudal. Maudal reflected on some of her memories during the school year and said she remembers when her fellow graduates were in kindergarten and each of the students was “friends with everybody.”

She said over the years this changed as their interests and passions evolved and students started gravitating towards the friends and groups they belong to now.

“We don’t have so many commonalities anymore, but that’s okay,” she said. “These things are suppose to happen.”

She said the gradual spilt between the students over the years has led them to where they’re at today and this has helped determine each of their interests whether it be be sports, arts and humanities, agriculture or machinery.

Maudal said she was surprised she was chosen as the speaker and said she she could think of other students who also deserve the honor. Maudal also recognized individual graduates and highlighted their talents and skills.

“Take those talents and skills and passions you have developed over the years and use them to serve others wherever life takes you,” Maudal told the graduates, “Don’t forget what you’ve done over all this time. You’ve worked hard in school, in jobs and in extracurriculars and you have earned your place in this gymnasium tonight.”

Kevin Briggs, agricultural and industrial technology teacher, was the ceremony’s guest speaker. Briggs shared some of his memories of the class of 2019 and told graduates if they leave New Ulm they will always have a home to come back to.

Quoting John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” Briggs told graduates not to forget where they come from.

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