‘Interwoven’ exhibit opens at the Grand

Staff photo by Gage Cureton Mary Gulden-Groebner and her grandchildren pose for a portrait Friday during the opening reception for “Interwoven by Mary Gulden-Groebner” at The Grand Center for Arts & Culture. Front-row left to right: Beau Gulden, Stella Albrecht, James Groebner, Henry Albrecht and Edith Albrecht. Back-row left to right: Stacey Groebner, Dani Groebner, Alex Groebner Ben Groebner and Mary Gulden-Groebner.

NEW ULM — The Grand Center for Arts and Culture held its opening reception for “Interwoven by Mary Gulden Groebner” Friday in the Four Pillars Art Gallery.

“Interwoven by Mary Gulden Groebner,” a collection of works by Gulden-Groebner, features pieces that span across a variety of mediums such as creative textile works, paintings and works containing a combination of mediums.

The newest addition to Gulden-Groebner’s exhibit is a collection of eight textile works inspired by art her eight grandchildren had created in her studio.

The grandchildren’s art accompanies Gulden-Groebner’s works side-by-side and color schemes and patterns match to create an inseparable duo between each individual piece.

However, there’s one piece that rests in the corner of the gallery that holds deep value with Gulden-Groebner.

Staff photo by Gage Cureton Judy Sellner examines “For Henry” a textile work of art by Mary Gulden-Groebner. “For Henry” is one of eight textile works inspired by art created by Gulden-Groebner’s grandchildren. Each work is accompanied by her grandchildrens’ artwork that inspired her own work.

The source of inspiration behind its creation is Gulden-Groebner’s brother, Jerry, who passed away in December 2018. With Jerry’s passing, Gulden-Groebner is the last surviving sibling out of her brothers, sisters and parents.

At first, Gulden-Groebner said she didn’t want to display it in the exhibit, but with Jerry’s wife attending the opening reception, she wanted her family to view it.

“With his wife here it meant a lot to me to have it up,” Gulden-Groebner said. “I just wanted to have it up. I wanted to bring it two days ago and I couldn’t do it then because it was real hard for me to even bring it in.”

Gulden-Groebner said it will never be completed and it serves as a means to soothe her grief. When she began creating it, she said she thought not only of Jerry, but the rest of her siblings as well.

“It means a lot to me,” she said. “Everything was symbolized. My sister, my two brothers and my parents are each a strip of black in there and I thought about them and meditated on them when I sewed it all together. So it was a good exercise for me to do.”

Gulden-Groebner said she’s happy with the turn out of attendance at the opening reception, particularily with family members — some of which who had travelled from other states to attend.

“A lot of them have supported me for many years,” she said.

Gallery hours for “Interwoven by Mary Gulden Groebner” are Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.