Turner Hall kicking with Dain’s Dutchmen

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Dozens took to the dance floor as Dain’s Dutchmen played the KNUJ Spring Dance.

NEW ULM — Turner Hall was kicking Sunday afternoon with the music of Dain’s Dutchmen.

Nearly 100 polka fans were in attendance before the band even started playing. The Spring Dance was sponsored by KNUJ. General Manager Jim Bartels said these dances first began in 1999 to celebrate KNUJ’s 50th anniversary. Over the last two decades the event became two dances, one in the spring and the other in fall. This year, the dance helps commemorate 70 years for KNUJ. The Spring Dance consistently draws a large crowd.

“There is not a lot of polka dances around, but there is a lot of people who like to dance,” Bartels said.

Many of those in attendance were New Ulm locals, but it’s not unusual for polka fans to drive 120 miles to attend the Turner Hall dances.

Jim Eberhard came from Fairmont to attend the dance.

“I’ve been doing this all my life,” Eberhard said. Since he graduated from college he was attending dances all across the state.

Two of the most enthusiastic polka dancers were Alfred and Roxanne Polzing of Brewster. The couple has always loved to dance, but were temporally halted from their hobby. Roxanne said three years earlier she suffered a stroke and her right side was paralyzed. It took a lot of hard work, but she was able to recover and get back to doing what she loves.

KNUJ’s autumn dance is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 24, and will feature the music of Leon Olsen.