Commissioners to hear administrator recruitment report

BROWN COUNTY — Brown County commissioners will hear a county administrator search/recruitment report from management consultant Liza Donabauer on Tuesday, April 16.

The board meeting begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the courthouse commissioner’s room.

On Wednesday, commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to offer the county administrator job to Winthrop City Administrator/Economic Development Authority (EDA) Director Jenny Hazelton.

The resolution followed a 3-2 finalist ballot vote to offer the job to Hazelton. Donabauer said Hazelton has until the morning of Monday, April 15 to decide if she will accept the position. The job has a salary range of $112,365 to $137,335.

A number of commissioners said the decision to offer the job to Hazelton over St. James City Manager Sam Hansen was a tough decision, agreeing that both people were good candidates with local connections and lengthy government experience.

Two other county administrator finalists, one from Kansas, the other from South Dakota, were not interviewed by commissioners Wednesday. The Kansas candidate took another job. The South Dakota candidate was not able to make the trip to New Ulm.

Commissioners will also consider:

• A CD 28 drainage system feasibility study for landowners for $3,000 by ISG, Mankato. Goal of the study is to give landowners costs, options, a petition map and other information to make project decisions. The ditch redetermined in 2011, benefits 3,614,11 acres with total benefits of $5,836,052.43.

• Setting public hearing dates for County Ditch (CD) 5 redetermination of benefits (ROB) and consolidation of CD 11A to CD 5 at 11 a.m., Tuesday, May 21 and CD 72 ROB at 11:15 a.m., May 21.

• Approving findings of fact for land abandonment in CD 30 and 48, and CD 12 and 13 ROB.

• A Joint Powers Agreement between counties served by the Red Rock Rural Water System (RRRWS) to guarantee payment of General Obligation Bonds to be issued by the Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners to finance the 2019 Water tower Maintenance and Meter Replacement Project.

• Bridge replacement and approach work on the KC Road over an unnamed stream in Milford Township. A four feet by six feet concrete box culvert on the KC Road needs replacement. The replacement has been hydraulically sized to need one line of 12 feet by eight feet precast concrete box culvert large enough to be labeled a bridge, making it eligible for Town Bridge Funds (TBF).

Milford Township funds of $10,000 are the other funding source. Brown County does not have sufficient TBF funds for the project that would begin on or before Aug. 12 and be completed within 20 working days.

The County Highway Department recommends the $128,466 low bid by Mathiowetz Construction. The engineer’s estimate is $139,219.

• Authorizing seeding 43 acres of CD 5 buffers. The ditch is in the ROB process that will probably not be completed until after other county ditch buffers have been bid and seeded. State Statute 103E.021 Subd. 6 allows the Drainage Authority to seed buffers as a repair.

• Planning Commission recommendations at 10 a.m.