Hector man faces nine felonies

RENVILLE COUNTY — A 32-year-old Hector man faces nine felony charges including use of deadly force on a peace officer, kidnapping and burglary after taking his former girlfriend and another woman hostage in Fairfax March 16.

Dane M. Vandervoort, 130 Douglas Ave. E., Hector, was charged with 1st-degree assault-use of deadly force against a peace officer, three counts of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping to facilitate felony or flight, entering an occupied dwelling without consent with intent to commit a crime, attempted disarming of a peace officer, terroristic threats-reckless disregard of risk and firearm theft in Renville County District Court March 16.

Vandervoort remains in the Renville County Jail on $500,000 bail with conditions.

In addition, he was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault and theft in a case involving the City of Fairfax in Renville County District Court March 21. An omnibus hearing and settlement conference were set for 2 p.m., April 5.

According to court documents, on March 16, Vandervoort was texting his ex-girlfriend all day, threatening that he “was going to take everyone he hates to hell with him” and told her to call everyone and tell them it was going to happen tonight, that he was “taking everyone to hell tonight.”

The woman was in her kitchen with another woman when Vandervoort opened a door uninvited and entered the residence without permission. He displayed a pistol to the women and took control of the other woman’s cell phone and said if police show up, he’ll start shooting.

At one point, Vandervoort held a pistol to the other woman’s back, then pointed it at both women and played with it on a table. He indicated a desire to shoot the other woman’s brother in the face in front of the women. He would not let either woman leave his presence, other than to use the bathroom.

Vandervoort’s former girlfriend texted her mother about the situation and asked her to contact law enforcement.

Fairfax Police Officer Derek Carlson arrived and was confronted. Vandervoort brought his right arm and hand from behind his back and pointed a pistol at Carlson from four or five feet away. Carlson grabbed the pistol, directed it away from all people present and fought with Vandervoort for pistol control.

During the fight, Vandervoort bit Carlson on the top of his head, drawing blood. Carlson drew and fired his Taser with minimal results, then fired the taser at Vandervoort’s head, causing him to submit.

After the fight, a 9mm Ruger pistol and .22 caliber Ruger pistol were recovered. Vandervoort had possession of both weapons that were determined to be the property of his uncle who did not give him permission to use the guns.

In the second case, Fairfax Police were called at about 12:15 a.m., January 20 by Vandervoort’s ex-girlfriend who was at 500 E. Lincoln Ave. E. and said she needed to talk to police. At the scene, the woman said she got into an argument with Vandervort who asked her if she still wanted a relationship and she said she was unsure, while they were driving to a bar in Gibbon.

At that point, Vandervoort accelerated the vehicle to more than 100 mph, then came to a stop, turned around and drove back to the woman’s Fairfax residence. She tried to get her keys from Vandervoort who backhanded her under the chin and she fell to the floor.

The woman said she told Vandervoort she was going to call 911, she want to her vehicle to get her phone but he locked her vehicle with the key fob, then locked her house door, got in his vehicle and drove off with her keys.

Later that day, the woman told police Vandervoort returned the vehicle keys. Vandervort told police he was drinking the prior evening and did not recall driving the woman’s vehicle towards Gibbon, that she pulled on his arm to get her keys and he must have swung his arm and hit her.

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