Rainy season at New Ulm library

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Water has inflicted damage on the public library roof.

NEW ULM — The rainy season has begun inside the New Ulm Public Library.

Sunday, several roof leaks began to form inside the library due to the melting snow. The largest leak occurred around the circulation desk, damaging the carpet.

Over the last three days library staff has been working to keep ahead of the leaks by placing buckets under each new water source. In some locations, plastic magazine holders were used to collect water.

Leaky ceilings have been an annual problem for the library. A similar event occurred last year above the circulation area. Fortunately, like last year, the leaks have not damaged any of the reading materials. Only the carpet has been impacted.

Library Director Paulina Poplawska said the damage to the carpet was minor and it was scheduled to be replaced in the near future.

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt With buckets and a blower, New Ulm library staff attempts to address a leak that stained carpets.

The library has six sections of roof. The section of roof with the most damage is the ceiling around the circulation desk. This section is the first planned for replacement this year.